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creativity and innovation

creative thinking and design study, for highly innovative projects

what we do

concept design

Formal and concept innovation, we manage complexity with simplicity: forms follows function...and ideas!

product design

we follow the product development process from initial sketches to industrialization

creative thinking

Ours aim is to provide support to the creation of new products that contribute to the success of companies, using and enhancing existing technologies and materials used in their production process, through an alternative and often innovative way-of-doing approach, thanks to "cross-fertilization" methods.

product development

Each project is followed and brought to its end in cooperation with our costumer, interpreting their production and marketing needs. A correct analysis of the object perception as well as of the possible problems concerning the manufacturing start, is made by means of virtual computerized means or 3D-models in full-size or reduced scale

Models and prototipe

prototypes and models realization, project development assistance



Synthesis Design

+39 011 34 90 476

Via Sagliano Micca 4 10121 TORINO (TO) ITALY

Viale Fiume 35, 35042 ESTE (PD) ITALY

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